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"A COACH will impact more young people in a year than the average person does in a lifetime."
- Billy Graham

Friends of High School Sports Award

The Friends of High School Sports Award is presented to those making a significant contribution to the Nebraska Coaches Association by giving their time or expertise to make the association a better place for its members and the services provided to members.

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Past Winners:
2019Ben EickhofThedford
2019Mike HarveyArnold
2018Bob PolzinLincoln, Awards Unlimited
2017Jeff MaulLincoln Convention & Vistors Bureau
2017Tracie SimpsonLincoln Convention & Vistors Bureau
2017Mike PurdyBellevue, NSIAAA
2016Doyle E. DenneyGrand Island, Fellowship of Christian Athletes
2015Bob DanenhauerOmaha
2015Larry MunksgaardLincoln
2014Rich BrodersenKearney
2014Dave IrwinSumner
2013Dick BeechnerKearney
2012Joanne BrackerMidland University
2012Craig JacobsonLincoln North Star
2011Vicky JohnsenLincoln
2011Veronica SchoenfishCambridge
2011Sharon MooreFairbury
2011Sharon LanhamOxford
2011Bev StruebingEast Butler
2010Dr. Jim TenopirNSAA/NFHS
2009Larry KingAwards Unlimited
2009Jack GuggenmosWaverly
2008Dave SchultzNE Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine
2008Charlie & Mary CaverzagiePlattsmouth
2007Larry BuchmannPepsi
2006Bobbie HoppFremont
2006Amy TiptonLincoln
2005Bill LewisNSAA
2004Wendell & Marie ConoverFellowship of Christian Athletes
2004Reno PfeilElkhorn
2004Jack JohnsonColumbus
2003Gene HaynesOmaha North
2003Dr. Marshall AdamsNSAA
2003Dick HagemoserSeward
2002Dave DostalOmaha
2001Rex JonesNSAA
2001Al PapilUNL
2000Karen HandLincoln Public Schools
2000Dennis SmithNSAA Board of Control
2000Charlie GordonGrand Island Northwest
1999Ray EhlersLexington
1999Jerry StineBertrand
1999Butch HugUNL
1998Tammie WallLincoln Convention & Visitors Bureau
1998Duane HaithOmaha Public Schools
1998Bruce RicoCoca-Cola, Lincoln
1997Olinda OlsonMillard South
1997Kathy HollidayLoomis
1996Dick ThompsonNorth Platte
1996Conde SargentNSAA
1995Jim RileyNSAA
1995Alan BairdCoca-Cola, Lincoln
1994Gene WellsGrand Island
1993Craig CormackBurger King
1992Dick EstesNorfolk

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